Gardenya Plastik is one of the leading companies in Turkey's plastic and rubber industry since 2013. Our company started the production of plastic mats under the brand name "KARMAŞIK" with an area of 15000 m² in Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 2013. We are proud to be a pioneer in the mop sector exporting to many countries of Europe.


We have expanded our product quality and wide product range by adopting our customer-oriented service approach as a principle. We continue our investments with our vision of becoming the highest quality, most reliable and sustainable brand in international standards in a constantly changing and developing world.


Our aim has always been to continuously improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers and to accurately meet the expectations of our customers.


We aimed to be quality and reliable in all our products with special productions that can respond instantly to the needs of the sector or according to the areas of use. As Gardenya Plastik, we carry out our productions by acting with an understanding that acts with the superiority provided by the latest and cutting-edge technology, acting with an understanding that comforts the model.


Product production in accordance with international legislation standards Since the day we were founded, we have become the best solution partner of leading brands with the mats we produce in factories equipped with the latest technology, without compromising on high quality, with our vision that we constantly develop, with our experienced and expert staff, with the experience brought by more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the rapidly changing matting sector.


Acting with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society, our company has become an exemplary company in the sector by applying the environmental management system that we have determined in accordance with the laws in order to prevent any negative impact and pollution that may occur in the environment during our production activities.


Gardenya Plastik is focused on plastic mat production to maintain its leading position in the industry. Our wide range of products offers solutions to complex needs and industry demands. The mats we produce with quality and durable materials provide long-lasting use and visual appeal.


As Gardenya Plastik, we aim to provide one hundred percent customer satisfaction by working in line with the principles such as the best performance, high quality and long-lasting production in our R&D center in order to provide visible technical superiority in the mat series we produce in similar categories in the sector.




Gardenya Plastik manufactures high quality plastic and rubber products by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our mission is to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers by adhering to the principles of environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

Our experienced staff, working with the understanding of continuous improvement, brings innovative solutions to the sector with R&D activities and offers fast and effective solutions to the changing needs of our customers. Our main mission is to maintain and strengthen our leadership in the sector by acting with quality, reliability and environmental awareness.



Gardenya Plastik aims to be a company that is recognized as a pioneer and exemplary brand in the plastics and rubber industry, constantly developing and leading the future with its sustainable and environmentally friendly production approach.

With our innovative solutions, quality products and customer-oriented approach, we aim to stand out as a brand that sets the standards in the sector.

As Gardenya Plastik, we aim to become a globally recognized brand by strengthening our leading position in the sector with a vision that follows technological developments, pioneers environmentally friendly production practices and attaches importance to the development of our employees.




Under the roof of Gardenya Plastik, we are committed to acting with an awareness of environmental sustainability and responsibility. Our environmental policy aims to manage our company's activities with an environmentally friendly approach. Our environmental policy is based on the following basic principles:


Legal Compliance:

Our environmental policy includes full compliance with applicable environmental legislation and standards. We rigorously follow and fulfill environmental management requirements at local, national and international levels.


Sustainable Production:

We aim to improve our production processes with environmentally friendly techniques and use resources efficiently. We continuously strive to minimize waste generation, increase energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.


Environmentally Friendly Product Development:

We focus on reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. From material selection to the production process, we prefer environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.


Waste Management:

We implement waste management programs to minimize waste generation. We encourage the use of recyclable materials and ensure the safe disposal of waste.


Environmental Education and Awareness:

We organize regular training programs to raise awareness and educate our employees on environmental issues. We also continue our efforts to raise environmental awareness in cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


Continuous Improvement:

We continuously review our environmental performance and identify opportunities for improvement. We continuously strive to minimize environmental impacts and improve our sustainability performance.